Hydroelectric Power Plants

Hydroelectric Power Plants are one of the main fields of expertise of our company. We have over 35 years of experience in the field. Ozgen Elektrik has won the tender for Cildir HEPP which was the first HEPP that was contracted to a Turkish firm. We have manufactured all of the electrical panels including the medium voltage panels and the mimic panels in our factory and have completed the turnkey installation of the plant except the turbine and the generator in 1975.

Some of the projects our company has worked in part or as a whole between 1975 and 2010 are listed below;

Cildir HEPP - Kars - TURKEY Suat Ugurlu Dam and HEPP - Samsun - TURKEY Hasan Ugurlu Dam and HEPP - Samsun - TURKEY Aslantas Dam and HEPP - Adana - TURKEY Derbent Dam and HEPP - Samsun - TURKEY Aksu Caykoy HEPP - Isparta - TURKEY Tasova Hameka HEPP - Amasya - TURKEY Temsan - Tubitak typical HEPP SCADA system - Ankara - TURKEY Darlik Dam and HEPP - Istanbul - TURKEY

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