We manufacture metal enclosed cubicles up to 36 kV.

Incomer panel, measuring panel and transformer protection panel are standard types.

All the routine tests and isolation tests up to 80 kV are performed in our factory.

If required a shatter proof window is installed on door panels to view the open-close position of the isolator.

The electrical interlock between the circuit breaker and isolators are achieved by a relay mechanically locking the isolator operation handle.

The earthing switches are also interlocked in the same manner this preventing any undesired operation.

The panels are assembled for testing purposes and following the tests; they are separated and packaged according to the requirements of the client.

All the steel parts are painted to the desired color, RAL7032 being our standard. The type of paint can be epoxy-polyester powder paint or double component polyester paint. Following the painting process if is baked at 200°C.