In Motor Control Centers (MCC) all draw out sections can be interchanged with equivalent sized feeders. This way, power interruptions are decreased to minimum.

The unit drawers has three positions:

  2. TEST

In all these positions the drawers can be locked with a padlock.

In the normal operation position, the incoming and outgoing power is fed from the bus bar by plug-in type terminals and transferred to the outgoing terminals in the same manner.

A safety micro-switch ensures the unit to be mechanically fixed in its proper position before connecting the power.

In the test position, the power is disconnected, since the control terminals are plugged the necessary tests can be carried out without energizing the load.

In the repair position, the unit is drawn out and rotated so as to have a free access to all components. Since there will be no live parts left, the repair can be carried out without any danger.

Dimensions of the draw-out panels are 800x800x2000 mm.

Each panel board has 10 unit capacity.

Each panel can contain:

10 units of size 1

5 units of size 2

3 units of size 3

Since these panel boards are standard, it is possible to make any combination of the above sizes in one panel