OZGEN ELEKTRİK is the first manufacturer of the enclosed busbar system in Turkey. In the early 1970’s we installed our first busbars in Çukurova Construction Machines Co.’s Mersin-Turkey plant. We have installed our busbar systems for the last 25 years in Turkey’s flagship industrial plant.

Our busbar systems have changed over the years due to the technological advancements, but we still manufacture spare parts for the systems that we had installed 20 years ago upon customer request.

Our first concern is safety, therefore we design and throuraugly test our parts before delivering to our customers.


There are two ways to distribute electricity in factories and industrial plants. Either by the use of cables or by busbar systems. By experience, it is proved that the use of busbar systems brings more flexibility and relability for the operation of the industrial plants.


In factories and industrial plants conventional distribution by cable is obtained by putting distribution pannels to certain locations and feeding the machines by cables through cable trays or ducts. Since the installation requires constructional planning, it is necessary to follow the prime electrical project. Thus to achieve any post-alterations is difficult and expensive.


Bus-bar distribution is achieved by copper bars enclosed in sheet steel channels hung to the ceiling of the plant, from one end to the other. The channels have openings in short intervals. Thus, the machine is fed through the opening above, by fixing a plug-in receiver box and a cable connection from machine to the box. This operation can be made when there is energy in the box, without stopping the machines. Also, machines can be relocated in a very short time. As there is no need for underground cable channels and distribution pannels, it ensures an area economy. Bus-bar system serves to every need in energy distribution.

Apart from having all the characteristics of cable system, it also has cost effective, flexibality ans safety advantages.

  1. Advantage : COST
  2. Advantage : FLEXIBILITY
  3. Advantage : SAFETY