We have been manufacturing mobile transformer stations since 1978. These stations are separated into three different compartements. The medium voltage switching section, transformer compartment and the low voltage distribution section.

The mobile substations are manufactured and tested before the delivery at our factory.

The main frame is hot dip galvanized and the cover sheets are manufactured from galvanized sheet steel. The outer panels are isolated with 5 cm isolating element covered with galvanized sheet. The switching compartments are equipped with hygrostad controled heaters.

Following the manufacturing, the kiosk is painted with double component epoxy paint.

The mobile substations are manufactured up to 36 KV levels. The power of the transformer vary according to the requirements of the customer. Our standart application is with 630 KVA transformer.

The outdoor 6 KV 630 KVA mobile transformer kiosks used in URFA IRRIGATION TUNNEL construction.


The switchgear section is equipped with circuit breaker equipped with secondary protection relays and measuring transformers. All th eequipment will be in accordance with IEC and relevant standarts. The switchgear can be

1- Air insulated compartment with SF6 or vacuum circuit breaker.

2- SF6 isolated RMU (Ring Main Unit)


Until recently the mobile substations were equipped with oil cooled transformers. Although we did not encounter any problems up to now especially in tunnels and corroded places we prefer to use dry type transformers.

Depending upon the enviromental requirements the kiosks can be force ventilated either by a fan or air conditioning.


The low voltage section is designed according to the requirements of each project. The feeder between the transformer and the low voltage panel can be either rigid busbar system or cable according to the customer requirement.