To be able to control and visually follow the procedures in a plant MIMIC control Panels are manufactured. System parameters of the pumps, valves and other equipment are clearly indicated on the panel and it is possible to follow all the system operation visually with the help of signal lamps. Transferring data to PLC and SCADA is done with the help of the necessary relays.

Different colors used for different process ways helps to follow complicated systems easily.

The panels are manufactured from different materials according to the requirement of the specifications.

  • The colored design of the process are covered with polyester folio.
  • Engraved in aluminum sheet and painted with different color for identification of the process.
  • The flow diagram and the equipment to be manufactured from strips of Copper and Aluminum and again painted to differentiate various processes. Different colors used for different process ways.

All the required equipment like the PLC modules, auxiliary relays, control relays, flow meters, valve indicators, and other measuring and signaling devices can be installed in the compartments of the panel.

The panel is degreased phosphate covered and painted with epoxy polyester powder paint of the required color. The paint is baked in 200-degree oven.


When the system requires a remote control or the process has to be observed constantly a mimic panel is required.

Different applications that we have manufactured are as follows:

  • Pumping Stations
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Grain Silos
  • Automation Panels for Railways
  • Plant automation systems
  • Power Plant control and command stations
  • CCTV, Fire Alarm and Safety systems

Usually in water treatment plants and complicated systems we manufacture mimic panels where all the process are drawn in color applied on a sheet metal and covered with polyester folio.