Hydroelectric Power Plants

Hydroelectric Power Plants are one of the main fields of expertise of our company. We have over 35 years of experience in the field. Ozgen Elektrik has won the tender for Cildir HEPP which was the first HEPP that was contracted to a Turkish firm. We have manufactured all of the electrical panels including the medium voltage panels and the mimic panels in our factory and have completed the turnkey installation of the plant except the turbine and the generator in 1975.

Fiber Optic and Telecommunication Infrastructures

Our company is one of leading contractors in Turkey that design and install turnkey fiberoptic infrastructures. We have the resources, qualified manpower and machinery to design, install cables, splice, terminate and test fiberoptic cables.

Airports and Airfield Navigational Aids

Our company has finished a contract to upgrade an international airport that is used by 7.5 million passengers every year. The airport has two runways and we have upgraded one of the runways from ICAO CAT I to ICAO CAT II. The taxiways connected to this runway has been renovated and the job has been finished in under one year while the runway was under limited closure. We have also operated and maintained the system for the following year.

Railway Systems

We have signed a contract in the last quarter of 2008 with Alarko-Makyol JV for the electrification works of an underground metro station (ITU-Ayazaga) in Istanbul, Turkey.

Highway - Tunnel Power and Control Systems

Our company provides turnkey solutions for highway lighting and tunnels. We have worked in Kınalı - Sakarya Motorway in 1991, Tarsus - Adana - Gaziantep Motorway P2, P3 and P4 tunnels in 2000 and Istanbul - Ankara motorway Bolu Tunnel in 2006.

Pumping Stations and Treatment Plants

Our company has completed a number of pumping stations and has earned the recognition of the project employers in Turkey.