Fiber Optic and Telecommunication Infrastructures

Our company is one of leading contractors in Turkey that design and install turnkey fiberoptic infrastructures. We have the resources, qualified manpower and machinery to design, install cables, splice, terminate and test fiberoptic cables.

In our first project that was completed in 2005,

60 telecommunication manholes were installed, Completed 6.511 m3 trenching and backfilling, Installed 62.240m 4” PVC conduits, Installed 30.708m 2” PVC conduits, Installed 28.740m fiber mesh into these conduits, Poured 4.420 m3 concrete over these conduits, Installed 115.000m of 4-144 core fiberoptic cable, Spliced 8.172 cores of fiberoptic cable using fusion technology, Terminated 14.600 cores of fiberoptic cable, Performed two way OTDR tests on 27.360 cores of fiberoptic cable, Installed 61.000m 12-2400 pairs copper telephone cable, Spliced 50.250 pairs of copper telephone cable, Terminated 7.800 pairs of copper telephone cable, Tested 22.400 pairs of copper telephone cable and prepared their reports, Installed the panels for the end user buildings.

Some of the fiberoptic infrastructure projects we have completed are,

Ankara-İstanbul Highway Bolu Mountain Tunnel Fiberoptic Infrastructure Botaş Yapracık Facilities Fiberoptic Infrastructure İstanbul Metrosu III. Stage İTÜ – Ayazağa Station Fiberoptic Infrastructure Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant Fiberoptic Infrastructure

Some of our customers for Fiberoptic works,

Doğuş Construction - Turkey Astaldi SPA - Italy Fluor Inc. – USA KBR – USA USACE – USA Alarko – Makyol Ortaklığı –Turkey BOTAŞ - Turkey

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